South City Bar

South City BarSouthtown Pub was established in 1989 by Ed and Ellen Amsler. They maintained the South City bar for 20 years before passing the torch to Paul and Samantha Perrigue in 2009. With over 20 years combined bar and restaurant experience and a love for the Southside of St. Louis, Paul and Sam saw the vast potential of investing in Southtown after one look at the antique glass and mirrored bar. Gathering a little bit of money and a whole lot of moxy, they decided to take a risk and turn the old Pub into the awesome Southside experience it is today.

Hiring their friend Executive Chef James Brust shortly after the purchase is still something that Paul and Sam consider one of their wisest decisions. When the kitchen was actually just a broom closet with a cheese machine and a T.J’s pizza oven, James came on board. He took one look at an old brick smoker that Ed and Ellen had built for their own personal use and knew that he could make a successful kitchen smoking meat. It was a match made in heaven. The trio set out on a long process of renovation, expansion and dedication to their staff and the guest experience. James also donates some of his extra time in holding a BBQ club on Monday night’s at the South City bar and restaurant. He has fun teaching local lovers of “Q” advanced culinary techniques.

Every year since they began in 2009 Paul, Sam, Jamie and their staff has taken on a huge renovation project. First putting in a kitchen in 2010 and a huge beer garden in 2011. Then they renovated the main bar in 2012 and added the upstairs Barrel Room soon after. In the past couple of years they have focused more of their attention to ensuring the best guest experience.

South City BarFree shuttle service, specially trained service staff and a dedication to giving back to the community are just a few of the reasons that the South City community has a fierce loyalty to Southtown Pub. After years of bartending and working the smoker Paul now spends his extra time helping to fund local charitable foundations and is a daily fixture at the bar. He makes sure to try and personally welcome all of their guests, although he frequently carries more cases of beer down more flights of steps than you would care to know. From 2010-2012 Sam was the President of the South Kingshighway Business Association and after many years of bartending, she decided to focus all of her attention to the growth of their business when she became pregnant with their two small children Ben and Abby.

Giving back to the community that has given so much support over the years has been a driving force behind the success of Southtown Pub. They are proud of the relationships they have built with loyal vendors, businesses and of course even the other great South City bars. At Southtown Pub their slogan is “We are Awesome!!!” And when they say “we” they mean “us” and “you” too. Because it’s the whole Southside community that makes Southtown awesome.